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Daily Tags...Feb 21, 22 & 23

I've been bad....I started this daily project BACK up (after a year off) on Jan 1, 2009. This project propelled me into such a creative frenzy that every time I went into my studio I was so busy working on other projects, my "little" daily tag project kept getting pushed to the backburner and felt more like a chore. I started this in the hopes that it would jumpstart a little creativity and BOY did it. So much so that I'm working on 4 projects at once on any given day. I decided since my tags felt more like work than they were meant to be, I would take a little sabatical from them. I took 2 weeks off and am now ready to get back to my daily tag project because NOW I've got ideas about what to do with ALL these tags laying around. I'm going to start creating projects around THEM!
Below is a photo showing cigar boxes full of tags.

Motherhood and the College Freshman

The photo above is my daughter. She is now a college freshman.She also has the flu!I'm still waking at night worrying about her,wondering whether she needs more medicine or possibly more water.I'm still frantically pacing the floor wondering if this is going to throw her into a major asthma attack. Forever the worrier. The BIGGEST problem is she's not even here at home with me. She's in her dorm room, 3 hours away, going through this alone-WITHOUT ME! This is the first time she's been this sick without her mommy to care for her. I'm not sure if it's bothering her as much as it's bothering me, but I feel helpless. I've talked to her several times a day (which I usually do, even when she's healthy) but she sounds so "small" now. She sounds like she needs me and I'm not there. Of course, she'd never admit that she wants me to take care of her.She's trying to be the independent college kid who's all grown up.
What she doesn…

A Beautiful Snowy Saturday...

Woke up to our first significant accumulation in quite a few weeks.We're supposed to get around 8 inches when it's finally over late this aternoon.Which is perfectly fine with me.I had no plans today except play around in my studio then watch a movie while doing some more embroidery and beading on yet ANOTHER NEW project.
Yes, I'm jumping around all over the place with my art. One week it's collage, the next sewing plus I'm working on some ceramic faces for some art dolls.
Anyway, what started as a quiet, laid back Saturday, just got even better.
One of my art quilts was chosen for a Treasury on Etsy! That always brightens my day.I'm a sucker for flattery.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends:)

"God gave man the cat in order that he may have the pleasure of caressing the tiger." Ancient Proverb

I started this morning out with yoga. I'm trying to gradually change my behavior in that I need to get myself moving earlier in the day. I usually have coffee, read the paper, make myself oatmeal and head to the computer. Then by the time I realize it, my day seems half over and I haven't exercised or been in my art studio. One of my new year resolutions was to get moving; exercise of some sort first thing in the morning.
Well, today was the first day I actually did it FIRST! Well, not before having my coffee, but BEFORE I sat down at the computer!
The above quote came to me as I was lying on the floor doing my Rodney Yee Yoga Video because one of my cats came and laid down beside me and did her cat-version of
yoga. I have always loved cats and this quote has always made me smile. So the start to my day-my weekend started off just perfectly! Hope you all have a perfectly good
weekend as well.
The above photo is the bottom portion of an art quilt I've been working on. I had pos…

"The Cure for boredom is curiosity. There is NO cure for curiosity." Dorothy Parker

Quote has nothing to do with this blog post except that I happen to think Dorothy Parker was a clever woman and wrote some very memorable words. I would also like to repeat what I said in an earlier post and that is "I Am Never Bored" but I certainly am curious!
Curious about EVERYTHING. Especially art and new techniques. And other people's blogs. And all the wonderful art swaps and challenges out there. I am spending a bazillion hours on the computer lately just wading through all the creative art blogs I've stumbled upon. There is so much talent out there and it inspires me soooo much.
The problem is--dragging myself away from the computer long enough to create something! I must come up with some sort of schedule where I set aside a couple hours a day, a few days a week to 'play' out in the magical art world of cyberspace that I have found. (Guess this post WAS about Ms. Parker's quote afterall)
With that said, the above photo is a small section of my Pop…

Happy Heart Day!

Just a hello, good morning and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
May your day be filled with good things, especially lots of chocolate...

And the winner is..........

First place winner of my OWOH giveaway, "Little Pink Houses" art quilt (drum roll please) is....... The Odd Bird Studio ( Congratulations!

Second place winner gets "The Little Man" art doll necklace and that winner is....
Kim Breid. Congratulations to you too!

Thanks to all who came by for a visit and to those of you who continue to drop
in! It was a wonderful event and a HUGE thanks to Lisa for organizing this for us!

Peony caught in a Snowstorm...

OK,I KNOW, I KNOW... I'm supposed to be in my art studio, creating art. NOT playing on
the computer AGAIN. Yet, here I am, posting more artwork on flickr. So I thought I'd
blog about this piece since I started it when I started the background canvas for the poppies that I blogged about and am still working on. I finished the Peony a few weeks ago and was unsure about whether it needed something else?? So I let it sit a few
days and stared at it quite a bit, then realized I didn't have a stem at the bottom
of the large blossom, so I painted one on and VOILA! I think I'm done!
Live Creatively!

It's Official....I'm Hooked!

I'm completely and totally addicted to my computer! Between flickr, Facebook, etsy,ArtFire and NOW blogging!
OMG, I'm ALWAYS checking my blog. Always checking out NEW blogs. In the past month that I have been blogging I have come across the most amazing sites. The talent I have seen, not just in artwork but in the written word is astounding. I am truly in awe of all my new friends out in cyberworld. It is always such a pleasure to find a new blog friend. There is such a tremendous amount of support from fellow artists that I feel a bit more confident than I did before I started blogging.
So, thank you to all who leave supportive comments and a HUGE thank you for the inspiration that YOUR blogs inspire!
This piece of art is the latest in my Dover clip art/ decorative tissue paper series.
Titled: Presenting...Mother Nature at her finest

"The problem with doing nothing is not knowing when you're finished." Ben Franklin

Just got home from the barn. Had to meet the vet to recheck the horse today. Dizzy, the horse is much better! Thank goodness. I decided to make myself a cup of tea before heading to my little art studio in the basement. I have always loved Celestial Seasonings tea for the simple reason they have quotes on their boxes. Or at least they did! I bought a new box of vanilla chai the other day and NO QUOTE! Luckily I have a pretty good stockpile of teas in various flavors. I started reading quotes while making the tea and I love the one I put in the title of this blog. I think I like it because I'm always amazed at people who have 'nothing' to do? Who are these people and why don't they have anything to do? I have a million things I need to do and even more that I want to do. It plucks my last nerve when I hear anyone say that they're bored! How can this be? I don't think the day will come when I will ever be bored. Just too much art to be done! With that said I nee…

Mistress of the Butterfly Kingdom

Mistress of the Butterfly Kingdom
Originally uploaded by pinkbirdgirl The past 2 days did not turn out as expected...My plan for the week was to come up with another item for the OWOH giveaway and post it.I also had grandiose plans of finishing my poppy painting along with photographing and posting more items to etsy. WELL... Yesterday started out pretty good then went crazy in a heartbeat! My daughter's horse injured herself so I spent a good deal of time on the phone with the barn, the vet, the trainer, etc, etc, etc. I finally had to get dressed and go to the barn and check her out myself. She's like one of my babies also. And as far as the stress level when your kid is sick, it's almost as bad when your animal baby is sick. I called the vet to come take a look at her and to make a LONG story a bit shorter...I think she's going to be OK, but that was pretty much my whole day Monday! NOT one piece of art except my little daily tag.Not one photograph either! So I though…

"In the Orchard, there lived a Bird Lady"

"In the Orchard, there lived a Bird Lady"
Originally uploaded by pinkbirdgirl OK, so I've done it again! Moved on to another project before finishing the others I had started. I couldn't help myself! My daily art project of creating one tag per day got my 'juices' flowing. I just had to start a larger
collage piece-the tags were just too limited in size to satisfy me.
So when I should've been working on completing my poppies painting,
I started this 8 x 10 collage. It's a little different than my usual stuff-or at least I think it is. Anyway, I really liked it as I was working on it, so of course I had to start another and then another. I have one that is almost
finished and a third in the process of working out the placement of the
elements. I'll post those as I finish.
By the way, my fabric piece is embroidered and half finished with the beading-I'm working on that at night while watching TV.
Life your life Creatively!