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A New 'Attitude'

I'm taking a bit of a break from artwork even though I have a show this week that I'm getting ready for-
the Fine Art of Fiber and a holiday expo next week. I know I should be getting price tags done and finishing up my necklaces/bracelets for both shows. Luckily the last art quilt is finished and all my fiber pieces are tagged and ready to go.

I think the fact that I'm taking a break is a 'new beginning' for me. I'm not stressed which normally I would be.
I am attributing that to the fact that I have started going to yoga classes. I originally went for the physical benefits. My lack of any real exercise over the past few years has really made me feel old & sluggish. Plus my back & neck problems had resurfaced and I thought yoga would be a great way to help tone those muscles and stretch out all the kinks.
Boy, does it stretch out those kinks and then some! I've visited 2 different yoga studios in my area and LOVE them both. Hard to decide which I …