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Texture Tuesday......

It's been a LONG time since I participated in Texture Tuesday and I'm so thrilled to be back playing with photoshop and my camera!
The photo was shot yesterday from my deck. There is an abundance of female mallards hanging around the pond this year. Not sure where all the males have gone... Anyway, I happened to have my camera at just the right time. She started flapping her wings as though she was clapping her hands for me as it was the first time all summer that I have had my camera aimed at the ducks and/or geese that inhabit my backyard.  She never took flight just flapped right out of the water and then back to sitting.  I titled this
'Walking on Water' because it does indeed look like she's walking across the water.

I processed this photo by adjusting levels, hue & saturation. I cropped it and added 3 different textures of Kim Klassen's textures.  I used patina, sienna and dream it at different opacities. I also used some lighting effects to lightly …