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Art Journal Update

The art journal project that I am doing with my friend is really fun!!  We decided to do this as a way to expand our knowledge and jumpstart the creative juices.

I have been lucky enough to have taken numerous workshops throughout the last 10 years with some very lovely & creative artists.I have also taken numerous classes in wheel thrown & hand built ceramics.  And years ago-eons actually, I took sketching & painting classes along with macrame classes. I have slowly and steadily been building my 'toolbox' of techniques and creative processes. The only problem with that is that I have been so scattered as to what I create and what direction I want my work to go in.
This art journal I am creating is helping me to focus during the month on a particular theme or process.The guidelines are very loose as to what we are doing in our journal but we do have some direction each month. Previous posts will show that January was Circles and February was Grid Patterns. Now Marc…